A great week for new possibilities and amusements but Bottle Imp just sent me a link to Inkygirl that I have decided to think of as a gift. I luuuuurve it.

Ben gave me brilliant advice when I told him that I had to review a graphic novel and was feeling underconfident about it. First, he said that I should make my ignorance central to the piece. This was a cool plan but I only had a short, short review to do. When he heard about the 300 word limit he said,” Sigh. stick to your powers with wordology. At least if your review is a pleasure to read, you will get more reviews and no one will care too much for your opinions.” Ben is, I maintain, masquerading as a tow-headed child and is probably 50 years old and floats about in the internet to disperse grown-up wisdom and compassion. Scrapped 3000 words of new book and felt much better. Then yesterday in the middle of the afternoon I had wonderful insight into the way I should go. I smelt the mahua and saw the bodhi tree and had such-like transforming experiences.