Mridula Koshy, writer, coffee-shop lurker, writing group fiend, union organiser and mother of three has a collection of short stories, If It Is Sweetout next month. Look out, world.

You can read the story she wrote for Tehelka’s Fiction special here.

A prize-winning story here.
And fabulous recommendations:
In these stories, families are seen in their whole corrosive element, and the poor and disenfranchised are returned to history—in language that’s affecting, tender, unexpected, like translations from a tongue infinitely superior to our own. Mridula Koshy’s writing is deeply attentive and fearless, the work of an extraordinary Indian moralist with an unmistakable gift. — Jeet Thayil
In brooding, otherworldly prose, Mridula Koshy tells us the stories other writers overlook, or do not wish to tell: the household thoughts that must always remain silent, the disavowed dramas of the city, the heartbreaking proximity of opposite emotions.  ”If It Is Sweet” is a book of savage, beautiful writing, whose empathy and curiosity flood over the usual barricades of the imagination – and remind us, indeed,what real writing is.– Rana Dasgupta
Mridula Koshy’s voice is fresh and new, animated by a love of language and people that makes these stories remarkably strange and yet disconcertingly familiar.– Siddhartha Deb